thomas jourdan
The software developer as a young man.

software for digital art projects

Kandid, a genetic art project. Kandid is a system to evolve graphics. Graphics, in Kandid, are not drawn by hand. Instead, new forms can be found using genetic algorithms. To achieve this aim Kandid simulates evolution using sexual reproduction and mutation. But there is no fitness function inside the program. Only the user can decide what images are interesting.
Kandid, evolution based on aesthetic selection. A new version of Kandid is released for the Sugar desktop and OLPC. The new release is completely rewritten. The Kandid activity will use Sugar's collaborative capabilities. It has an simpler GUI more suitable for children. The graphical output is composed of layers using different rendering algorithms. Similar to the Java based Kandid the evolution of images is based on aesthetic selection.
InnerWorld, a terrain generator for Blender. InnerWorld is an experimental landscape generator running inside Blender 3d. The generator can be used for mesh creation and to populate the virtual world with objects. Mesh generation and procedural object placement are defined using a graph editor. Different noise sources and operators can be arranged for procedural content creation. Meshes are generated from Blender's noise functions, FFT synthesizing, and external gray scaled images acting as height fields.

software for behavior based mobile robots.

Vehikel, embodied intelligence for mobile robots. Vehikel is a learning environment for behavior based control of mobile robots. A little bit artificial intelligence based on a domain specific language for the c't Bot.
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Kandid, a genetic art project InnerWorld, a terrain generator for Blender Vehikel, embodied intelligence for mobile robots